FREE Barcode Admin accounts for SDAR members!

Barcode Realty and SDAR have partnered to bring advanced mobile marketing tools to the SDAR membership. Barcode Admin is the first member benefit provided through the partnership. This platform allows you to create, brand, manage, & track UNLIMITED QR codes. Every member will also receive a Virtual Business Card when they sign up for their FREE account. Your Virtual Business Card is your personal mobile hub to market yourself - your phone, email, social media, company, website, etc. Registration is easy and only takes a few moments, so join your fellow Realtors and SIGN UP NOW. Enter your SDAR Member Number to the right!

QR Code Generation

The Barcode Admin Control Panel lets you painlessly create QR Codes. It also tracks them in Campaigns so you know which media source is working best for you.

  • Generate QR Barcodes linking your users to Web, Phone, SMS, Contacts (vCard), Marketplace/AppStore, Email, Youtube Video, and Social Media
  • Control the quality and size of your barcodes for different types of marketing campaigns

Integrated Logos/Graphics

Maximize your brand recognition and stand out from your competitors by integrating your logo into your barcodes.

Barcode Redirect

If you have a Website QR Barcode, you can change the URL it goes to -- allowing you to redefine marketing and completly remove error. For example, a "Free Song Every Day" QR Code could be redirected to a different download every day. All you have to do is login, edit the QR Code, and enter the new download destination. Your Websites change, so should your QR Barcode.

Real-Time Analytics

Track your barcode marketing campaigns with our integrated analytics. This allows you and your business to make precise and informed decisions based on your campaign metrics.

  • Hits per day
  • Hits per hour
  • Compare individual barcodes
  • Compare campaigns
  • Track and compare users and their campaigns (Business accounts only)

Virtual Business Cards

Barcode Admin provides every account user a Virtual Business Card. Virtual Business Cards are basic mobile profile pages that act as your mobile hub. This is a dedicated mobile presence so your mobile consumers can easily connect to you via phone, email, web, and social media. For integration of MLS listing information, please contact us about our upgraded Barcode Realty service - SDAR members receive a discount on our full suite of technology tools and services.